Group Classes

Our group classes are designed to be fun and engaging, starting you and your pooch off on the right paw! Our focus is getting you connected and understanding of what you are both trying to communicate with each other! Whether new puppy, new adoption or wanting to refine some skills with your adult dog, we have a variety of classes that we are sure will suit your needs!

If you would like to book in, please email with your dog's details, your details and the class that you are signing up for!


K9 Connect classes are run at a variety of locations and vet clinics in the South East of Melbourne.

Our full range of services and classes are run from our K9 Connect facility in Cornhill St, Ferntree Gully. You can view our training calendar and book directly online by following this link.

We run a small selection of our classes at RSPCA Victoria - Burwood. You can find our list of classes by following this link.

Our Power Up Pup program is run at the following vet clinics. Please contact them directly to arrange a booking:

Training Courses

Our courses are a 4 week program that allows you to work through general training and helping build your relationship with your dog. Have a look at what we have available!

If you are looking for something FUN, different and more of a specialty or ONCE OFF class, don't forget to check out what WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS we also have coming up!

Power Up Pup

Classes designed for puppies aged between 8 - 16 weeks.

Puppy Polite

For puppies 12 - 20 weeks of age - designed to help you find your puppy's manners.

Puppy Connect

For dogs 6 - 12mths of age. Focused on building the human and canine bond.

Getting Connected

For dogs over 12 mths of age - Begin your training with the right connection!

Loose Leash Walking and Manners

For dogs over 6mths of age. This is specifically designed to focus on managing leash manners, creating nice walking habits and combating the common household problems such as jumping up and boisterous behaviours. This course runs fortnightly (4 contact classes over an 8 week period) and includes notes and videos via an online platform.

Performance Classes

Whether it is Obedience, Rally or agility - we offer a variety of FUN and engaging classes that will keep your training going!

Intermediate Obedience - Strong Connection

Have you got the basics down pat and wanting to continue your training to the next level?

Have you completed Puppy Connect or Starters Obedience with us and are wondering what is next?

This class allows us to move your training to the next level! Perfecting your STAYS, focus, loose leash walking and more. Along with building your bond, teaching new skills and getting your training brain working! Create the perfect canine companion and come and join our Intermediate classes!

Casual Classes

Our social classes are designed to fit around a busy and varied schedule. These classes are 60minutes in length and are the perfect way to keep you and your dog up to date with training. Our casual classes are varied and suited to focusing on key issues based on the topic and type of dogs in the class. This means you can repeat the same casual class over and over, still getting benefit from each!

If this sounds like something for you - don't forget to check out what workshops are available also!

Social Play for Puppies

A 30 minute play session for puppies under the age of 6mths. A perfect way to safely allow your puppy to meet and interact with others in a safe and controlled environment.

Our play sessions are safely controlled and managed, focused on building confidence in puppies as well as taming those boisterous and eager to play personalities.

Puppy Puzzles

Developing your puppy to cope in our weird and wonderful "human" world! This class is all about teaching our dogs how to build their confidence and exposure to how our world works, how to think and learn, explore different surfaces, sounds and so much more!

Perfect for dogs aged under 12 mths of age!

Crates are Great TASTER

A whole 60 mins on Crate Training?

It is underestimated how many essential skills can be taught from crate training alone! Self control, motivation and basic manners!

If you are looking to create a dog that can settle in the house, understand boundaries and also manage some behaviours such as jumping up, barking and learning to be alone, then this course is ideal for you!

Suitable for dogs of all ages, ideal for younger dogs.

Loose Leash Walking Workshop

Our once off 60 minute taster for improving walking skills and bringing the joy back to your daily walks!

This casual class is great as a way to refresh your skills and have you thinking about how to get that focus back in your walks. Suitable for dogs of all ages!

Helping the Boisterous Dog

Our once off 60 minute taster focusing on building your dogs ability to stay calm and under control in the most exciting settings.

This casual class is great as a way to hone in on basic manners and helping deal with those young dog and teenage behaviours.

Suitable for dogs of all ages - particularly those teenage puppies aged between 6 - 12mths!

Intermediate Level Casual Class

This Class is perfect for those who have mastered the skills in our Beginners class and are looking for continuing to challenge their dogs skills.

Suitable for dogs over 9 mths of age.

Pre-Performance TASTER

Have you ever considered taking up performance sports (Obedience, Agility, Rally etc)? Are you a little overwhelmed with what might be expected?

This course is our way of sharing with you some knowledge and letting you and your dog experience the FUN in the performance world. It is also our perfect TASTER to our longer 8 week pre- performance course to see if it is right for you.

Ideal for dogs over 4 months of age.


A great introduction into the wonderful world of Trick Training.

Whether you have a young puppy or adult dog, taking a break from the 'basics' and challenging their minds to learn something new is always fun!

This 60 minute workshop is a great way to get you and your dog bonding.

Suitable for dogs of all ages.